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Our company, Xiamen Henghao New Material Co., Ltd., specializes in producing high-quality Indium Products, Silicon Wafer,Gallium and Germanium Wafer with very reasonable price,welcome to contact us ,we can do as your requirement.Please don't hesitate to contact us by susan@andhao.com 
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Factory Direct Sales&Good Quality Silicon wafer
Product: Silicon Wafer Purity: Si>99.999% Density: 2.329g/cm3 Growth method: CZ,FZ Type: N type(Doped P, As, Sb)、P type(Doped B) Orientation: <100>、<110>、<111> Diameter & Tolerance: 1'',2'',3'',4'',6''±0.2mm Thickness & Tolerance: 0.2mm,0.4mm,0.5mm,0.6mm,1.0mm ±0.01mm Surface: As-cut, SSP, DSP Resistivity: 0.001~10000ohm.cm, Can be customized according to customer requirements(such as:<0.2ohm.cm,1~10ohm.cm,10~30ohm.cm,>1000ohm.cm etc) Process Data: TIR<3μm, TTV<10μm, BOW<10μm,Roughness <1μm Package Method: 1000 clean room 100 level net bag monolithic box or 25 pieces inserted box package OEM: YES Delivery Times: Sample can delivery at once, large amount please contact us directly. Payment Terms: 100% TT in advance Transportation: By air (DHL, Fedex, UPS, SF-Express etc.) Storage& Transportation: Storage should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry, clean, non corrosive atmosphere of the warehouse. moisture-proof Not to be mixed with acid and alkali products. In the transport process to prevent rain, earthquake. Be careful when loading and unloading, prevent collision and rolling, prevent mechanical damage. Main Application: 1、Manufacture of semiconductor silicon devices used for raw materials, power rectifier, power transistors, diodes, switches etc.. 2, used for manufacturing diode, rectifier parts level, circuit level and solar cell grade crystal products production and deep processing, the following products integrated circuits and semiconductor discrete devices has been widely used in various fields, in military electronic equipment also occupies an important position.
Factory Direct Sales&Good Quality Silicon wafer
Factory Direct Sales&Good Quality Silicon wafer
Factory Direct Sales&Good Quality Silicon wafer
Factory Direct Sales&Good Quality Silicon wafer
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